Sunday, August 15, 2010

Headbands. Lots of Headbands.

Here they are..... Felt Flower Headbands. Different colors, sizes and shapes. I'm using a variety of "pretty" elastics for the bands themselves.  (There are 2 fabric flowers made the same way as the felt.)
Felt Flower Headbands
Buttons for the centers.  Sometimes sheer ribbon for leaves.  Whatever Rubes or myself wanted.  I've plans to sell some and give away others.  Cute lil' girl gifts. Felt Flower Headbands
Now these are another story all together.  (I made something similar here.)  With my hair all a growing out I've realized that I like a thicker band and that green doesn't go with everything.  So I've tweaked my initial whipped up style into a pattern for mass production.  The jersey material is all from cutting up t-shirts. Then they are machine sewn, with the ribbon detailing done by hand.
Jersey Headbands
Each time I make one I'm happier and happier with my progress.   My current favorite is the teal & pink.  There's an orange one waiting for me so it's off to sew. 

1 comment:

Patty said...

Cute headbands Misty! Such talent!

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