Saturday, September 4, 2010

Athens Fair 2010

Finally.  Warning: Lots of photos.  I tried to pick my favorites from the 4 day event but really,  it's hard to show small town goodness in only a few shots so there are 12. 
Here goes. we"ll  start with a view of the strip.  They rides are set up on a blocked off side street.  We're talking of a town with maybe a 1,000 folks.  I think it quadruples during fair time.
We rode some rides.  Well, Rubes and Teo did.  Anything that spins makes me sick just looking at it.  Thankfully we've reached heights that do not require me to ride along.
Lots of exhibits on display.  Look at this cake!   Fondant at it's finest.  Not only a blue ribbon winner  but "Best in Class".
Let's not forget the animals.  Rows upon rows of rabbits were shown this year.  Rubes face shows how she felt about this HUGE rabbit.  He's a Flemish Giant and could get a bit bigger.
There's quite the Draft Horse show on Friday evening.  Unfortunately the kids were way tired so we didn't stay.  We did watch them get their baths before hand.  (There's a guy standing between the two on the right who's about 6 feet tall.)  Big animals.  I'd say the average draft horse has a hoof the size of a dinner plate.
We participated in the Fun 5K Walk/Run on Saturday.  We all had fun but it started at 11am and thus was a tad miserable near the end.  Rubes totally ditched our group to run ahead and actually finished about 15 minutes before us!  We'll definitely do it again next year.  The goodie bags had a t-shirt, $5 food coupon for the church food stands, free ice-cream cone, and snacks!  Super cool!
Which brings me to soup.  St. Anthony's Catholic Church has a large food stand that sells amazing chicken noodle soup for $1.75 a bowl among other items.  I do have to say that the Luthern Church has better pie, so our family frequents both places.
Now I'm not a participant in the following but my brother-in-law played on one of the 40 teams during this years 10th Tournament of Holey Board.  They throw large plumbing washers at holes cut into boards covered in shag carpeting generally while drinking beer and talking.
Played in the bounce house.
And rode some more rides.  This is Rubes's new smile...a cross between being frozen and a skeleton.
Sunday afternoon brought the parade.  My favorite float, "The Age of Asparagus" was from local vegetable farm.  All the folks on it were dressed as veggies and danced around while walking.  (Mind you the parade route is 3.5 miles with a few hills and usually takes an 1 1/2 hours to complete due to the number of participants.)  It was very hot and they were still giving  their all at the end of the route which is where we were sitting.
Favorite Parade Float 2010
My sis, Tawnie, roller bladed again this year dressed in her Patriotic Rodeo Gear.  That heat I was talking about actually peeled her face paint off when she cleaned up!
Tawnie Parade 2010
I've been coming to this fair since I was little.  It's where I showed my first horse.  We've made it a Family Tradition and an event we look forward to each year.


Patty said...

Cool pictures Misty, TFS! That cake is awesome!! Hey, I with you on not doing the rides. One of the things I dread the most!

happydays525 said...

Love the photos Misty!!!

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