Monday, September 20, 2010

A Long Time Ago...

O.K. so it was really only 3-4 years. (Before blogging for myself.) Anyway, I made a denim-patch-front-fleece-backed-blanket for Rubes for Christmas. Whew, what a mouthful. I recycled jeans from myself, the Husband, and my Dad.  Added details include: machine embroidered patches on the 4 corners (courtesy of my sis, Aurora), pockets on some patches, and a corduroy patch from my favorite pants as a child.  I made a second one for Teo about 2years ago.  Finally "Big Pillows" to match.  Why post about them now?  Well, I'm feeling a bit under the weather, simply congestion mixed with a sore throat.  Blah.  Which gets me to thinking in a nostalgic sort of way... Rubes' blanket was the first sewn item I made or created.  Prior to this it was fixing my Hubby's torn pockets or hemming pants. He's responsible for getting me a sewing machine.  I'd talked about it (for round 3 years) but couldn't make up my mind and thus never got around to buying one.   Twas Christmas of 03' I believe when he purchased one for me.  I left it in the box for over a month. Fleece Denim Blankets & Pillows
I'd been going over the directions and finally took it out of the box.  Then it sat there for probably another month while I looked at it and finally turned it on.  Silly I know, I was afraid I'd break it.  Seems like forever ago, cause now I'll try sewing just about anything.  Denim projects are usually thick and often needle breakers if you're rushed and uncertain.  These are twin size and heavy, I guessing they were my confidence builders.  (I like a blanket, with substance.)  I'll have to post the pic of  the childhood me in my favorite corduroy farm print pants.  If memory serves I'm wearing a matching shirt and holding my pet,at that time, a guinea pig named Mittens, in the photo.  Yep,  I had style.
Fleece Denim Blankets & Pillows
Rubes loved roosters/chickens at 2 years of age.  Teo simply liked all animals so I went with the paw print.  My thinking was that these blankets would last many, many years so there were limits to the prints available.  I still love them and so do the kids.  They came out of storage and onto the beds about a week ago.  Autumnal weather brings out the blankets and memories for me.

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