Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shirts, Headbands & Sisters

At it with the fusible web again. My nephew, Ben, had his first birthday and part of his gift was a running wiener dog shirt. (He has two wiener dogs in his family so it seemed very fitting.)  Since I had all the materials out I made one for Mateo as well.
Wiener Dog Shirts
Coming and going.  Your front should always look as good as your back, right?
Wiener Dog Shirts
Since I was seeing most of my sisters, I whipped up some headbands for them. 
Sisters & Headbands
They were happy.  Yes, we do all smile alike.  Full sets of teeth.   When we're happy it's very easy to tell.


Patty said...

OMG!! That plaid wiener dog is to die for! Love it :) You're hilarious!

Vicky said...

Such cute shirts! and yes very professional, front & back designs ;) Just Darling Sisters!

Anonymous said...

I love the wierner dog shirts!! My son is have a wiener dog puppy themed party and I want to try to make this shirt? Did you free hand the pattern? :)

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