Friday, October 8, 2010

Girly Wiener Dog Shirts

So with school being back in session I thought ...hey, I might have a bit more free time!...not exactly. Seems I've gone and filled most of it up with errand running and good deed doing. So now I'm trying to squeeze in one morning for myself for sewing and crafting. Which can be by myself or with friends but ultimately needs to be fun and productive. Whew. (Who knew first grade spelling tests would be so challenging?) Onward... I've made my first few "girl" wiener dog shirts! We had a birthday party to attend and the birthday girl loves pink so, a pink running wiener dog shirt with matching headband it was.
Nodae's Wiener Dog Shirt
And the back.
Nodae's Wiener Dog Shirt
Rubes then pointed out that Teo has two wiener dog shirts and she didn't have any. She was very clear that she "really, really, wanted one for a very long time." So I whipped up one for her. I've been meaning to post about these for almost a week but Rubes has worn her shirt many times and thus I've finally gotten a clean picture of it.
Ruby's Wiener Dog Shirt
And the back.
Ruby's Wiener Dog Shirt
I like how the edges fray slightly after washing.  I've started adding "water marks" to my pics since I'm working on setting up an etsy shop.  I've chosen "Furrowed Stitches" as a shop name.  Still working out the details but also still on track.  I now have a "pro" flickr account so there'll be some fun stuff to try with photos and I've joined a few swaps this month.  Busy am I.


Mary said...

You need more to do. :-) Seriously, you are so talented.

Vicky said...

These are just so 'dog-gone' cute! You had better set up an etsy shop with your talent! and I love "Furrowed Stitches" :)

Chris said...

Really cute. I love the name of your etsy site.

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