Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm Hooked On Swapping!

So I sent out my ATCs and then I received some! I'm like a little kid with mail...I get all giddy, jumpy, and squeally. Heart racing with excitement. My first ATC arrived from Sharon all the way from Virginia.
A delightful card with Halloween wishes held some fun papers and a sweet "pocket" holder for the cute witchy ATC.   Fun ribbon, too.
ATC from
A few days later came my next ATC from clear across the country.  Really.  Michelle & Ashley, from California, teamed up and sent this great vintage feel witch ATC.  I love the rick rack edge on this card, (plus this shade of green is a personal favorite).  A Halloween stamp, fun confetti and other embellishment treats accompanied the ATC.
ATC from
I love using up the smaller bits and pieces in my various stashes of crafting supplies.  I knew there was a reason I kept all those scraps! This is so much fun, I'm hooked!  I'll be swapping ATCs again soon.  


Patty said...

What a fun package to receive in the mail! These look really fun and they did such a fantastic job!

Vicky said...

Isn't so cool to see how others interpret the same theme :) These are great...there's so stopping now :D

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