Saturday, December 11, 2010

Countdown To Christmas

Often all the projects I'm working on go unposted due to lack of time in the day.  I'm unwilling to give up sleep, snuggles with my children and such.  If I was a bit more computer savvy I suppose that would help!  So we're on day 11 of the countdown to Christmas....I'm on the hunt for our TREE today and it's snowing a lot outside! (I say "hunt"... for the kids and I will gear up, head out in the back woods, lop off a tree and then drag it home.)  Back to the countdown... here's a project I designed for work and haven't posted yet.  It's not due to a lack of love but time.
Christmas Countdown Front
A batch of 25 Library Pockets all decorated with papers from the Teresa Collins "Noel" collection.
Christmas Countdown Detail
I fill all my pockets with fun little ideas, games, or practical things to do to get ready for the holiday.   Like get a tree.  I helps me stay on track and the children like it for there's a daily adventure.  Even if that's just ice cream.
Christmas Countdown Detail
There are still a few kits available with online instructions if you'd like to make one over at Paper Studio  just shoot them an email if you're interested.  Now I'm off to start the hunt for our tree.  I believe tomorrows pocket says we're decorating it.  Must stay on track.


DeeDee said...

What a great idea Misty....nicely done too....Happy Holidays

Vicky said...

I loved making my Countdown to Christmas pockets! Super project, thanks Misty :}

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