Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Space Rockets, Oh Yeah!

A few weeks ago Teo was invited to his "best" friends birthday party. I knew the party was space themed so I asked the birthday boy's mom if he liked space, moons and stars or aliens and astronauts or rockets and spaceships. The later it was. Teo liked the idea of shirts with rockets, planets and fire coming out of them. (Meaning the flames from the rockets flying. Hee, hee.)  Since I didn't have any boys 5T shirts around I decided to make some using my dress pattern from Lil Blue Boo.  From there I printed out space/rocket coloring pages found online and made my own freezer paper stencils.
Nathan's Shirts
This was the first time I did multiple colors and outlined in black.  Then I added a little something on the back of each shirt for fun.
Nathan's Shirts
Finally I whipped up a card using one of the rocket images from the coloring pages. (Not shown). Usually I let the kids make their own cards but Teo was so excited he couldn't sit still long enough to do anything but write his name that day.  Here's where it gets too funny.  According to the birthday boy's mom at the party when this gift was opened the card had slipped to the bottom of the gift bag so the shirts were found first.  Birthday boy immediately put on the blue shirt and then found the card.  As he opened his card, he looked right at Teo and said, "Oh, yeah, he knows what I like.  He knows!"  Best compliment ever!

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