Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Sure Way To Hell

Gum. In my opinion it's something that should not be in church. Now I'm aware there are no official rules against it but my Dad gave us the two fingers-in-the-ribs if we dared chew it in church. As a "church cleaner" I've come to terms with finding chewed gum around the place.

The following is a list of the usual places.
1. On/in the carpet. Check.
2. In between the pages of the song books. Check.
3. Under the pew benches. Check.
4. In the potted plants. Check.

Like I said I've come to terms with these locations. I'm not O.K. with finding it stuck on one of The Stations of The Cross or in the Baptismal Font holy water. I'm telling ya, the chewers of those two wads are going hell. Unless some serious penance is involved I don't see any away around it.
So, Commandment #3
Thou Shall Not Chew Or Dispose Of Gum In Church. Chances are it's leading you down the road to Hell.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Outdoor Fun

I had thought I would work on any number of my works in progress but it's not everyday that the snow is just right for making a snowman. So with carrot in hand we headed out and made one. Just Teo and I.

When we finished Teo said we had built a "Snowrubes"... because of the pine bough hair. (He loves his big sis.) Our dog, Maisy, does not like our new friend. She barked her fool head off every time she went outside. Geez.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Felt Flower Madness

On Monday evening as I went through Rubes's backpack I found another birthday invite. What to make? Sometimes my brain acts like a steel trap... an idea gets in and only by chewing off it's leg can it escape. The idea this time; a felt flower crown, composed of many little five petal flowers hand sewn together. The following video clip documents my little bout of insanity on Thursday night. The party took place on Friday (4 days) and just to add to the fun I had only my evenings free from 7:30pm on. Creative joy... yip, yip.

Friday morning I rushed around getting Rubes ready for school, Teo fed, dressed and happy, swim gear packed, finished the crown and took pics. By that time I had 15 minutes to shower and dress for work. Whew. I'd have liked for Rubes to model but seeing as she was in school, this is as good as it gets. Felt Flower Crown 2 What will I do when it's time to remove the Christmas tree from it's current out door resting place? Felt Flower Crown 2 There are 35 flowers on this beauty. Though I'm happy with the outcome I'm not sure if I was 100% finished tweaking it. There was too much gluing involved, even with all the brads. I've plans for the next one. I'd like to sew/embroider more on the flowers and peddles. Booaahahah...(sound effect). Felt Flower Barrette And since crown wearing in school is discouraged I whipped up a barrette for the classroom. I'm considering revamping a few of Rubes's plain white headbands with lil' flowers. After some rest.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The First of Many, I'm Sure.

My first felt crown. Rubes was invited to a princess themed birthday party so a winter crown seemed fitting. Why I've never made one before is beyond me. I found it quite easy once I decided on the snowflakes.
Felt Snowflake Crown
I simplified things by using the Big Shot and a snowflake die at work. I also used brads for the jewels. Way easier and less messy than glitter and glue guns.
Felt Snowflake Crown
Rubes just had to model for me with the complete snow fairy look! Too cute, I love that she loves the things I make. My second crown is duplicate of this one for her.
Felt Snowflake Crown
In the beginning I hadn't cut out around the snowflakes. Sort of reminded me of the hat a Bishop wears during special services. So glad I choose the cut out look!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Fleece and Flannel

A few more stuffed and embroidered gifts. I picked up a flannel throw at Menards for $1.98 on Black Friday back in November. So far I've used it for 2 wiener dogs, 4 taggy blankets, a circle vest and scraps as stuffing. There's a wee bit left possibly for a scarf. I like the fleece wiener dogs their so snugly. Rubes asked for a dog to give to her friend, Zoey, for Christmas.
For some reason this wiener turned out a bit shorter and chubbier than past dogs. I used my pattern, the same one I've used for all the other wieners, so I've no idea what happened. His new owner has no complaints. According to Rubes,"Zoey loves him and sleeps with him every night."
This kitty went as a birthday gift to a sweet little girl. The "X" embroidery combined with the flannel fabric really took a toll on my fingers. I love the look though so it was worth a little pain. There's a fun little zipper pocket for goodies, too.
I'm in crazy creative mode right now. Working on a stuffed octopus, felt crown, altering a candy box, paper wrist corsages, and a tie skirt. I'm noticing surges of making stuff... ideas coming in the middle of the night. Sort of overwhelming. Now to finish them, take pictures and post. Whew.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm One Who Sleds.

So I was thinking that maybe more video posts would be nice this year. Quick and easy. I tend to over think what to write and then write nothing, so videos would be a logical addition.

Try to ignore the bit of "Up-Nort" accent... I've no idea where dat came from. ;)
I realized after this run that I could seriously injure myself. Some forms of fun are a little harder on the body as one ages. Ha, that and our hill could use another snowfall.

Rubes has turned into quite the daredevil. At the beginning of winter she'd drag her feet at the three quarter mark. Now there are three good size bumps on the run.

Teo started the go down backwards, less snow in his face. Smart little boy that one.

I prepared the hill this fall by raking all the yard leaves down it and clearing some brush. It was definitely worth all the work for this year I am a sledder.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Quick Fix

Here's a quick refashion I did for a little girl. A pair of shoes from Walmart for $5 on clearance from Halloween.

Add ribbon with hot glue gun, top off with a button and... No more "spoooooky" spider. (That "spoooooky" is for those of you who know I come with sound effects!)

I was quite pleased with the out come, it was such a quick fix. Still working on those resolution. However, one is to post twice a week this year. So far so good!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Another year over and on to the next. I'm hoping today was not setting the tone for 2010. See by the time I did get a shower I put my underwear on inside out. Didn't realize it till many hours later. Not really a big deal but it does say something about how the day was going. I'm going to take a few days with resolutions this year. I've not reviewed last years list yet, I think I was 50%. I'm signing of for today with a Christmas picture, things got a bit scrambled with weather, family visits and work so I'm still trying to reestablish a schedule.

Looking forward to the New Year...
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