Thursday, January 6, 2011

Poinsettia Penance And A Few 2010 Christmas Cards

I'll get to the penance part in a bit.
First these are the cards I designed for Paper Studio's 2010 - 12 Cards of Christmas class. 
Snowman Joy Card
Hero Arts stamp "Joy".  Paper's by Cosmo Cricket and cardstock by Bazzill.
On This Day Card
Hero Arts stamps "On this day"and the poinsettia flower.  Cosmo Cricket papers and Bazzill cardstock.
Poinsettia Step 19
(Paper by Graphic 45 and cardstock by Bazzill.)
And now for the card that created frustration, disharmony and some swearing.   Ribbon embroidery.  Pretty, right?   While ribbon embroidery is usually done on cloth, I enjoy mixed media.  Blending my crafts if you will.  Well, apparently my enthusiasm was a little bit tricky for most of the card makers.  Now I need to point out that they all finished at least 1 of their 3 poinsettia cards, however, I now know they probably cursed me a lot.  Not in the swearing sense though I'm sure there was some of that but as in "put a curse on me" sort of way.  See, when the church was decorated this year they upped the number of live poinsettia plants and helpers were told NOT to even think of watering them for there already was someone for that job.  ME.  I need to mention I was not at the decorating day due to illness so I believe I was nominated because I wasn't there to say no.  O.K. moving on.  After a few days in the church it's time to start watering the 100 or so poinsettias that are placed throughout the building.  Pretty, right?  It became shockingly clear very early on that this was not going to be a simple pour a bit of water into each plant's pot.  Oh, no.  See there's this foil wrapped around the little plastic pot to make it look nicer and I had thought to keep water in.  That's always been my previous experience with decorative foiled pots.  NOT THIS TIME.  I noticed water all over the floor after the first 4-5 plants were watered.  What?  I'm not that messy.  So I picked up a pot and water came streaming out the base!  AHHHH!  I now have to pick up the poinsettia plant pot, hold it over an ice cream pail, pour the water in, wait for it to drain and then put the poinsettia pot back down.
 Repeat 100 times each watering.
I've watered 3 times already, I've 2 or 3 to go.
I know this is Penance for the Poinsettia Card
I get it now, loud and clear, I sinned in cardmaking with the ribbon embroidery.


Deanna Dark said...

I am very glad I did not have to make that card...or teach it in class! Penance is a good thing, right??? Next year you will go easier on the ladies!

Vicky said...

LOL Misty, your cards were great and I loved making everyone of them! Really ;)

happydays525 said...

I love that snowman card Misty!! Adorable!

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