Sunday, March 6, 2011

Custom-made Wiener Shirt for Teo

I've been making Teo shirts lately. I've not taken pics of them since they're plain long sleeve shirts and when I think about it they're usually in the wash. Teo likes these shirts and wears them often. Bonus! Which leads me to this shirt. I'm in the mist of wiener dog shirts and thought Teo might like another one. Ta Da!  Here's the front...
Custom-made Wiener Shirt
And here's the back....
Custom-made Wiener Shirt
Now, just in case you think your eyes are playing tricks on you... here's a side view.
Custom-made Wiener Shirt
See when you recycle shirts to make shirts you will often run out of the shirt you're cutting up.  I don't mind and neither does Teo.   Keeps things one-of-a-kind.  Just like my little guy!


Vicky said...

Awesome! what a cute shirt, great job :)

Debby said...

Being a doxie lover I totally loved this shirt!

Amy P said...

This is so cute! I should make boxer ones for my kids ;)

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