Sunday, March 6, 2011

Paper Studio ATC Swap

There was an ATC swap at Paper Studio on February 28th. The theme was "About Me". Let me say right now that there are times when I really over think things. This theme had me trying to cram all that I think is me on my ATC.  To say the least I stressed a bit before it all came together.
"Inside My Head"
I titled this one "Inside My Head".  A mesh of ideas, materials and colors all a swirling and overlapping in this head of mine.  My love of sewing, paper crafting, beading and mixing them together.  
"Inside My Head"
There were 8 ATCs in this batch.  (Shown here are numbers 1 and 2.)  All those little weaves had to be individually made and then to really stick them down required Modge Podge.   Over thinking can often lead to overworking for me.  Next month's theme at Paper Studio is "Spring"... something I'm really looking forward to!


Vicky said...

Love these ATCs! I thought those strips of papers were fabric...that's how cool these are :)

Amy P said...

Great ideas! I love it :)

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