Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oh, Lonely Blog and a Fool's Run for 2011

Hello poor lonely blog in March.  Seems the long winter caught me.  I also had a bit of melancholy bring me down.  I'm not really one to be "sad" but a lack of spring weather is very exhausting.  I've been trying to  clean out the clutter this past month... there seems to be a lot.   My creative energy stunted due to an overwhelming pile of crafting stuff mixed with too many toys.  No more!  I'm bring in spring come more snow or high water.  Starting with a new pair of shoes, funky socks and a crazy race!

Only Fools Run At Midnight!
Fool's Run 2011
Yes, the run is at midnight.  It's my third year participating and quite a few of my family members are joining me.  I walk a bit, jog a bit and just enjoy the craziness of it.  There could be some 1200 other fools this year besides myself.    Bring on Spring... I'm more than ready for some warmer weather and rebirth.


Vicky said...

Yay! Go, Misty, Go!!! There's just nothing more
uplifting than a run at midnight...not :P So proud of you though!

Deanna Dark said...

Good job for braving it with all the crazies out at midnight...well, at least those socks were bright enough to lead the way! :)

Diane said...

Sounds like so much fun.....!!

Odanah said...

I saw this run on my ITC schedule! What fun. Too far for me to drive though. I did one in Altoona WI last Saturday. Love them!

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