Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Alysse's Can-Can Skirt

Ruby went to her friend Alysse's birthday party this past weekend and thus another Can-Can skirt was made.   I'm able to sew one up quite quickly and easily now.  (Apparently I've made 8 over the past year and a half.)  Color pattern/choice is probably the most time consuming part these days.  For example, I tossed around a few ideas in my head until 24 hours before the party and then I started sewing.
Alysse's Can-Can Skirt
I finished the white base in a timely fashion, mid afternoon.  Ruffles... not so much.  I wanted to do rainbow but had less color variety than I thought.  So I was giddy when I finally stitched down this final combination of ruffles.  Partially because it was 11:30 pm and also because I had to unpick a whole ruffle layer to make the above work.  I had only so much of each blue to work with.  Eek!  I love the end result.  It reminds me of an ocean wave and as it happened the party was "Hawaiian Luau" themed. 
How cool of a coincidence was that!
Alysse's Can-Can Skirt
With Ruby hinting about "needing" another Can-Can skirt and my stash running low, I do believe there's a nylon chiffon order to be placed in my near future!

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Vicky said...

Wow! I'm just totally in love with this color palette! so sweet :)

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