Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Birthday Gift From 2010

There are times when I'm working on so many projects that I'm luck if I take some photos and even luckier if I get around to posting them.  Which brings me to this lovely library book bag that I made last year as a gift for Ruby's friend Zoey.  I used a "sketch" for a 12x12 layout as a pattern guide.  I can't remember which one but I used it for my Spooktacular Layout as well.
Zoey's Book Bag
So, I had a nice canvas bag with some weird logo to start with.  (The logo would be covered by the pattern in the end.) Next came fabric and color choices.   I knew I wanted feminine yet not to girly cute... longevity was key.  A pretty book bag to please Zoey at age 6 to 96.  Some sparkle and some vintage.
Zoey's Book Bag
A fancy jean pants pocket to hold the library card, a couple different ribbons, and fabrics.  The olive green was from a flawed dye job attempt on a once white shirt.   I made the felt flowers and used a little embroidery to attach them.  Decorative and vintage buttons for embellishment.
Zoey's Book Bag
View of the other side of the bag.  A smaller version of the front design.  Colored embroidery floss as well as colored threads helped complete the overall look and feel of this bag.
Zoey's Book Bag
I'm still giddy, year later, about this project.  I'm thinking I really need one (or two) for myself! 


Fran. said...

Hi Misty I am your ATC swap partner!! Love the bag you made!! Looking forward to our swap. Have a great day. XO Fran.

Vicky said...

This is a super project! I remember when you made it...and Zoey loved it :)

happydays525 said...

I love this and so does Zoey!!! It's hanging in our garage now and we grab it every time we leave on an adventure and fill it with all our needed items for Zoey. It's perfect!!! Thank you Misty!

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