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Party "Wild Kratts" Style

10/29/11 More Updates HERE.

Back in May, while on a walk, the topic of birthdays was being discussed by Ruby, Mateo and myself.  Ruby asked what a "golden birthday" was and that's when it hit me... Mateo would be having his this year!  So, I asked my soon to be 5 year old what kind of party would he like?  I suggested super hero to which he replied in a quiet voice, "Maybe Wild Kratts?"  O.K.  I'm thinking I can work with this, animals and such, no worries.  If you've never heard of the Wild Kratts go HERE.  It's like a pair of crocodile hunter brothers, animal planet and cartoon all mixed in one on PBS.  Great show, even I enjoy it.   So guess what... there is no merchandise currently available!  Now, I do like to DIY most things but not everything, usually.   So, here's what I did.   I checked around the blog world and found 2 that had done birthday parties.  Go Here and Here to take a look.  I took ideas from both.  Neither had an invite so here's what I made.   I searched images on line till I found one I liked and simply printed it off a few times.  Bazzill cardstocks, patterned paper from We R Memory Keepers "Furever Friends" collection and twine from May Arts.   Inked and distressed edges tied the card together with the Kratts logo.
Wild Kratts Party Invite
Now on to the sewing!   What would a Wild Kratts party be without "creature power suits"?  Mateo actually said, "You can do it Mom, you can make anything!"  No pressure.  I made a few versions due to the number of children and materials available.  My favorite was the black fleece and felt.  No fraying or finished edges required though I did on the fleece vest.  Just made everything a bit more crisp.  I used one of Mateo's tank tops as a quide for shape and sizing then made a slightly larger paper pattern for mas production.  I needed 10 vests total.  Zoiks!
Teo's Wild Kratts Birthday 2011
After the first few black ones Ruby told me the girls vests should be pink.  O.K.  Since I was low on black fleece this was actually a good thing.  I also happened to have a pink v-neck t-shirt laying around.  Off with the sleeves, hemmed the arm hole, cropped the bottom, hemmed again and added the felt details.  Done.  The little black strip in the felt paw print is velcro.
Teo's Wild Kratts Birthday 2011
Velcro was needed because... creature power suits require "creature power discs" to activate said creature powers don't cha know.  So on to discs.   Then plan was to earn discs by playing games and having some in the goodie bag.  I copied the cheetah and the firefly discs from HERE.  Then I made a sheet of plain discs. Yay photo copier!  I used a stamp from Hero Arts for the Monarch butterfly and finally freehand drew the worms and large mouth bass.  I laminated them for longevity and finally added the velcro on the backs.  Ten guests times five different discs equals 50 total discs.  Zoiks again!  (Mateo was all about playing with his vest and discs as soon as I made them, thus the funk on them in the pic below =:)
Teo's Wild Kratts Birthday 2011
For the second year in a row a heavy down pour occurred right as the party started.  Thankfully it was warm and without lightning so lots of puddle splashing took place while the food was grilled.  Families were invited to this party so we grilled out hamburgers, hotdogs and had lots of fruit and pasta salads.  There was a little cake for candle blowing but all the guests had frosted sugar cookies in a variety of animal shapes instead for dessert.  Much easier at a BBQ style party.
Teo's Wild Kratts Birthday 2011
After eating all the kids were given their creature power vests and the games began.  Everyone was given a cheetah badge before they played a game of "Cheetah Tag".  A streamer for a tail was tucked into shorts.  At the sound of go they all ran around trying to pull each others tails.  Even if you lost your tail you could still run and try to pull someone elses tail.  The game ended when all tails had been pulled. 
Teo's Wild Kratts Birthday 2011
This was played a few times and helped burn up lots of excess energy.
Teo's Wild Kratts Birthday 2011
To earn monarch butterfly badges party goers had to turn from their caterpillar state into a chrysalis and burst out as a butterfly.  This was done through cheap toilet paper.   The idea came from HERE.  Talk about fun, all the kids loved it!
Teo's Wild Kratts Birthday 2011
Wrap, wrap, wrap.   Burst out as a butterfly!
Teo's Wild Kratts Birthday 2011
Silly, good fun!
Teo's Wild Kratts Birthday 2011
Here's a good shot of the creature power vest in action!
Teo's Wild Kratts Birthday 2011
Now onto Goodie Bags.  I wanted simple and to include more creature power discs. 
So each bag had :   Animal Crackers
                              Gold Fish Crackers - Large Mouth Bass disc
                              Glow Stick Light - Fire Fly disc
                              Gummy Worms & Worm Slime - Earth Worm disc
                              A few animal shaped Silly Bands
Mateo and Ruby loved making the slime for their friends and it's so easy that I thought I'd include the video here.   This stuff brings hours of fun!

And now for a few confessions.
 I never took a group shot of all the guests.
I took a video of blowing out the candles but no pics. 
I never took a single picture of Mateo by himself on his birthday.
On the up side he told me, "This was the best day ever!"  And I find that when I'm really in the moment I often forget the camera.
Teo's Wild Kratts Birthday 2011
Oh, and when it was time to go one little boy came up to me and asked, "Do we get to keep these?" 
As he tugged on his creature power vest.
 "Yes, it's part of your goodie bag."
Then he made a fist pump, said, "Yes!" and ran off yelling "Thanks!"
Definately one of my best days, too.


Vicky said...

Misty, what a FABulous Par-Tay! The kids look so happy, the vests are awesome and the treats yummy :)

MusicalMommy said...

Glad they like the Cheetah tag. It was a hit at my son's party too. Thanks for linking back to my post, your power suits turned out great, I love the t-shirt idea, would have been easier I think.

DMizuta said...

Love the creature badge idea, glowsticks, animalcrackers, gummy worms! My son's 4th birthday party is Saturday and I'll be stealing most of these ideas for his Wild Kratts party too! I also used large colored butcher paper and cut out the rock, some bushes and a tree to resemble the Wild Kratts landscape. If I can hook up a projector I'm going to make Martin and Chris too....

Anonymous said...

oh my, you are a life saver. My son decided he wanted to be a Wild Kratt for Halloween. Yes, it is only August, but I started googling. I found this site....YES. You have made it so easy for me. And my son is super excited. Thanks for posting it.
A Happy Mom

chris said...

Any chance you will be selling any of those suits (from a mom who CAN'T SEW!)Or the disks?

Anonymous said...

I too have boys who want to be Wild Kratts for Halloween. I'm not very experienced at sewing but I'm going to give it my best shot! I might try to velcro on a glowing light to the vest for "activation" in the dark. I bet you could make a fortune selling these at a festival. Thanks so much for the great pictures.

Marsh Mayhem said...

Thank you, thank you!! My son is also planning on a Wild Kratt Halloween -- and I needed a real life vest to pattern his after! You're a lifesaver.

Sharon @ Discovering blog said...

I'm so impressed! We are watching Wild Kratts right now, and I'm trying to find some ideas for my son's party. You did a fantastic job!

MamaK said...

This was awesome. def. great ideas to keep - thanks for sharing!

I hear you about being in the moment without the camera. By accident, I discovered that inviting our babysitter to "work" my son's bday party was awesome. For a small thank you, we got over 100 photos of the pirate fun, including pics of me leading some games (which I never get photos of!). Worth thinking about :)

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