Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wild Kratts Update

So first there was the "Vest" and 5 "Discs" all created for my little Teo's Birthday Party.   You can find the whole post here.  Since then there have been a few more requests for costumes.  This has brought about 5 more discs and a belted carry pouch.  I got tired of discs all around the house and tons of Ziplocs wasted, thus the pouch. Anyway, the most recent request was for a lil' boy down in Texas for his Halloween costume.  I'm a bit of a sucker for happy little boys and Halloween, so I agreed to make him a vest, pouch and 10 discs. 
Sweatshirt material was chosen due to location and durability.  To be honest I like it more than fleece for there's less lint/fuzz collection while it's being worn.   So I purchased a black sweatshirt, lopped of the sleeves, neck line, and bottom ribbed band.  Out of the excess sleeve I made the "Disc Pouch".
Wild Kratts Disc Pouch
 A belt slides through a back fold so it can easily be worn or taken off. There's a bit of Velcro sewn in the pouch opening to keep all the discs from falling out while running around.  The "Oak Tree" disc pictured is good for when you need the child to stand still!  I love creative play, hee, hee.
Wild Kratts Gloves
Onto gloves.  I'd been thinking about them for quite awhile.  The idea bouncing around in my head just waiting to come out.  And then I looked at the sleeves I had just cut off and BAM... I saw how to make the Gloves.  A pair of thin black knit gloves, the cuffs from the sweatshirt cut at an angle, felt pieces, bias tape, and a whole lot of hand sewing ... ta da!   O.K. the down side was all the hand sewing.  Only the bias tape trim was machine sewn.  All the other pieces were too small to fit on my machine.
Wild Kratts Gloves
I was pleased with the results so I sent this pair with the rest of the costume to Texas as a little extra surprise.  They really do complete the look of a Wild Kratt.  I've been told the little boy who received this "Creature Power Suit" wore it all day and even slept in the gloves! 
And that brings a big smile to my face.

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