Saturday, February 11, 2012

Felt Doll Shoes

While tooling around Pinterest and looking for DIY items to fit an American Girl Doll I came across these little beauties.  For sale on Etsy by FunkySwankyCloset.  I fell in love.  They're so cute and well made.  I almost ordered them.... but I was feeling quite creative and I didn't want to wait for the mail.  Plus I had all the necessary materials on hand.
                (Photo by FunkySwankyCloset)
So I took some plain old paper and a pair of AG doll shoes and made myself a pattern.  Cut out the felt pieces and started hand embroidery sewing.   In a couple hours Ruby had new shoes for Crystal.
Felt Doll Shoes
I'm pleased with the results.  Ruby is totally thrilled. 
Felt Doll Shoes
I've a few tweaks I'll make on my pattern for the next pair.  I'll focus a bit more on details but for now they'll work.  I also found dozens of tutorials for AG doll clothes on Pinterest.  Now if only there was more time!


happydays525 said...

These are so sweet Misty! Well done!

Vicky said...

a-dor-able!!! great job :)

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