Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wonderful "Planet Boxes"!

I first heard about PlanetBoxes about a year ago but the $60 dollar price tag deterred me.  I'd need two and we already had lunch bags so I forgot about them.  Fast forward to this school year.  Both kids started eating more "cold" lunches instead of the school "hot" lunch so in October when I stumbled across a link to the PlanetBox site again I decided to go for it.  And it was WORTH EVERY PENNY!  And here's why.....
1.  My kids love them.  Mateo tells me his PlanetBox is "cool".  Also they enjoy helping to fill/pack their boxes.
2.  Environmentally friendly, even the carry bag is made of recycled materials.  No more using plastic containers or baggies.  
3.  Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
Planet Box Carry Case
4.  Their food stays cold, fresh, and in it's own spot.  No more crumbled chips, squished sandwiches or brown apple slices.
5.  No more food waste.  None. I'm not over packing and they eat their leftovers as a "snack"  after school.  Which is because of #4.
Planet Box Inside
6.  Packing lunches is easier.  I can see what I'm packing and simply fill in any empty spaces.  Which causes me way less morning stress.
7.  No fiddling with containers and lids at lunch just a simple latch to open and the eating can begin.   Ruby was very pleased with this time saver!
Planet Box Packed Lunch
8.  No need to replace lunch boxes every year.  PlanetBoxes are stainless steal so unless a car runs them over they'll last a long long time.
9.  You can purchase more magnets or additional individual pieces as needed.  I bought additional magnets for the kids for Christmas for stocking stuffers.
10.  When I did the math in no more purchasing of plastic bags, food waste or buying new lunch boxes/bags the PlanetBox began saving me money around the 3 month mark.

As I said before WORTH EVERY PENNY!   Lunches have become fun again.   More creative. I enjoy packing new food items for my kiddos to try.  We all benefit with a healthier lunch.
So thank you PlanetBox, thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Have you heard of Goodbyn? They're really good too.

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