Monday, April 30, 2012

Making of the First Communion Dress

Ruby celebrated her First Communion this weekend.   I decided awhile ago that I'd be making her dress. Easier said than done as I'm not much of a pattern follower. My sister, Tara, donated the dress. (She's also one of Ruby's Godmothers.) I wasn't sure where to start. So I stared at it for about a month. Then I decided to skip the lace and go with what was under it. A whole lot of shiny satin.
Wedding Dress Before
I cut it off and got started.  Flowers came to mind.  Since I've always wanted to try making "poppies" I brought out the candle.  Here's a nice DIY I found and sort of followed.  I used 5 circles per flower and trimmed all the edges with glitter paint in silver or pink. 
Making Poppies
I wish I could tell you how exactly I made Ruby's dress but I can't. 
I can tell you I hand stitched the flowers onto the large sash and tacked it round her waist to keep it up.  The sash was tied in a big bow in the back.
First Communion Dress
I used three flowers and tulle on a barrette to create the veil.
First Communion Dress
The alter cloth in the background was a Faith Formation class project I helped create for this special day.  Each child's hand print in paint and their name in fabric marker.
First Communion
The only view of the dress from the back.  Of course Ruby's darting out of the church.
First Communion Back of Dress
A final funny pic of Ruby with her cake.  I think she'd had enough of smiling for the camera!
First Communion Cake
It was a wonderful and special day.  (I am thankful that Mateo will not need a dress for his First Communion day.  Too much satin pressure!) 


Patty said...

The dress did turn out beautifully Misty! You're very talented. She such a cutie!

Vicky said...

AWEsome dress! Love the flowers :) and yes, no dress for Mateo! Congratulations Ruby!

flower girl dress said...

Ahhh how sweet, I think I may have had a baptism dress. I love the lace on yours and the bling on your daughters is perfect too!!

sara said...

Its stunning but if your little girl is mature enough to talk about her likings, require her. Search the wardrobe a great idea about active supporting accessories. Decide the idea.

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