Thursday, April 5, 2012

Peep Bunny Pins

Where o' where has the time gone?  I'm playing catch up in a big way and there's lots of exciting news coming soon.  I've been deep in "copyright", "tax registration", and other not so creative but necessary stuff.  The months past were full to where Ruby's Birthday came in March and her celebration party will be in MAY!  Yikes!  I did manage to make a few Peep Pins for my kids and a few friends though.
Peep Bunny Pins
There's a pattern for the larger bunnies over at MADE.  I drew my own pattern for the small bunnies.  Ruby wants her AG doll to have matching everything she has.  I'm trying.  Small scale crafting can mean more work at times.  I had to hand stitch the 2 felt layers together on those lil' guys.  I also used a magnet instead of a pin so nobody gets poked by their tiny accessories!
Peep Bunny Pins
I've cards and layouts back logged.  I'm thinking I should wish you all a Happy Easter now.  Time seems to be in a shortage around here.

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happydays525 said...

I love these so much!

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