Sunday, May 20, 2012

In Need Of A Crafting Portfolio

I felt like the last one to know.  I realize now that I'm not.  Still, I was taken by surprise when I read through the Craft Show application.   There it was:

"Arts and Craft Exhibitors must send pictures of themselves physically producing their items, as well as pictures of the final products to be sold...."

Whoa.   Pictures of ME making my stuff.  I've taken lots of photos of items I've made, even the how to but I'm never "physically" in them.  So I looked for  another show venue, our local Farmer's Market.   And guess what....


PHOTOS of the products you are selling are required—you must send at least 3 photos of your original, handmade work and the production process, along with your application and payment, even if you have participated in our events in the past. If you make and sell more than one type of craft, we require that you indicate that on your application and include photos of all items. Any categories not indicated on the application will be disallowed."

Well,  I'm glad "Handmade " has reached this level of respect and that everyone wants proof that my items are truly mine.  However it looks as though I'll be delayed in selling anything for a bit.  I've set up crafting central on my back porch and figured out the timer on my camera.  I'm focusing on the following...
Creating a Crafting Portfolio
Stuffed Wiener Dog Toy Step 2
Pictures of me cutting out pattern pieces.   Stuffed Wiener Dogs -DONE
Necktie Snakes Step 5
Embroidery stitching or hand sewing items.  Necktie Snakes - DONE
Furrowed Stitches Headband Step 3
Stamping my Furrowed Stitches Logo.   Headbands - DONE
Wiener Dog Shirt Step 4
Machine sewing.  Running Wiener Dog Shirts - DONE
Changable Flowers Headbands Finished
Final pictures of me with the variety of each item.  Changeable Flower Headbands - DONE
I've completed 7 projects with a total of 52 photos with me physically in them.   Crazy.  I've done my hair, put on makeup and tried to be as consistent as possible since a few of my projects are hard to complete in 1 sitting.   Normally I do steps in bulk as the tools are already out and there's a rhythm to the process.   I've 3-5 more to go before I'm happy but I've enough completed to enter a show with plenty of completed stock.  Now to find an August show.

I'm also very aware that my brow is "furrowed" in more than a few photos.   For me, that's a sign of serious creating happening!

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Vicky said...

Love seeing you work! Misty, you have such a cute little frown :)

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