Friday, May 25, 2012

A Quick DIY Big Girl to Little Girl Skirt Fix

So it was "Bag Day" at the church's Spring Rummage Sale and among the goodies I found this skirt.   I knew right away Rubes would look great in it.   The bright colors, flowers, and length.  Ha!  There in lay the problem.  As you can see it fit me.   The below over exposed pic shows or rather, proves it needed some adjusting.   Lucky for me I had 5 minutes.  Seriously.  That's all the time this type of fix requires.   *When looking for skirts for this type of DIY you'll want sizes 5 (misses or teen) and under.  I know you've seen the sizes 0, 1, or 2 and thought "What?" followed by "Aren't these a little short?"  I like to think I'm sparing society from "indecent exposure".
 Resizing Floral Skirt Before
You'll need :
1 piece of Elastic measuring the waist of the child.
Seam Ripper
Large Safety Pin
Sewing Machine (or Needle to hand sew)
Resizing Floral Skirt Step 1
Step 1: Locate the zipper area. (No zipper? Use a side seam. )
Resizing Floral Skirt Step 2
Step 2: Working on the inside of the skirt, with a seam ripper, take out only part of each side seam by zipper to fit your elastic through.  (With no zipper - take out only some of the stitches down the middle of the side seam.)
Resizing Floral Skirt Step 3
Step 3:  Place a safety pin on one end of your elastic.  Thread this end through one opening till opposite end reaches zipper seam.  Tuck the elastic under the zipper and sew the seam closed.   (No zipper - Thread elastic all the way through waistband till both ends are exposed and sew elastic ends together.)
Resizing Floral Skirt Step 4
Step 4:  Finish pulling the safety pinned elastic all the way through the waistband.  Take off safety pin, tuck elastic under zipper and sew seam shut.  Find intended wearer and make them pose for photos.  (No zipper - Tuck elastic band into skirt waistband and hand sew seam opening closed.)
Resizing Floral Skirt After
Ruby in her new skirt!  Notice how perfect the length is!
Resizing Floral Skirt After
Due to the gathered waist there's a lot of twirl factor with this type of alteration!

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