Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Swimsuit for Ruby's AG Doll

Back when Ruby was born we were given this swimsuit as part of a "beach themed" baby gift.  Since Ruby was born in March the "pickins were slim" said the gift giver. The bikini was a size 6X and way to teeny in the material department.   (I prefer my daughters swim bottoms with more coverage!)  Still I put it away in a drawer till today when it was decided Crystal (Ruby's AG doll) needed a suit.  Time for a quick little refashion!
 Original Swimsuit
The top required only removing a 5 inch strip from the original's back and then sewing it back together.  For the doll bottoms I cut off the front portion of the suit by the strings and past the lined crotch.  I sewed the sides in and then stitched the remaining strip up and over.  Crystal's new suit on left - leftover material on right.
AG Swimsuit Refashion
And here's Crystal in her new suit!  She's cute and still covered.
AG Swimsuit Refashion
Seems like quite sometime since I've done any sewing on this blog but believe me I've been at the machine.   I'm working towards a few craftshows and time is a flying!   Summer always seems that way.

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